Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ten random things for today...

For today's post, I thought that Ten Random Things might be fun. It also might NOT be fun, so just bear with me.
  1. I had lunch today with Debi and Tiffany (hereafter to be known as Doodle and Tootle). It was totally fun to catch up. I miss my buds from the Pier a lot.
  2. Pappa's Burgers have probably the best burgers I've had in a while. And good crispy fries too. I ate the WHOLE thing. And a Diet Cherry Coke.
  3. I think Henry, my mini pyr (he had parvo and survived) is gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that. He's very delicate and dainty and likes to be held.
  4. I think somebody might have pooped upstairs. Too darn bad I'm in the middle of a blog post. HAHAHA!
  5. Nope, it was just a Bailey fart. Good LORD that dog's farts stink.
  6. Wow - already with the farting post. I guess that's the price I pay for feeding my dogs hard boiled eggs, whole wheat bread and laxatives.
  7. I am totally into creating black and white cards now. For a long time I was really into the bright colors and paint chips. I haven't gone completely away from them, but I'm digging this B&W stuff I'm producing.
  8. Hobby Lobby was having 50% off all scrapbooking papers and I am a paper whore. This is my heaven.
  9. I got a brand new 20x30 self-healing mat for half price because the package was opened. It's great that you can bargain your way into cool stuff if you have the nerve to.
  10. Ten random things took a lot less time than I thought it would. Maybe I should have made it 15 random things. Oh well, since this post is already finished, it's just too darn late.

4:39 PM update: I was totally wrong about the poop. Yikes. Thank goodness for 1) puppy pads 2) Febreeze and 3) LYSOL.


scriggle said...

re: #1 - it was great to see you too! we miss you soooooo much!

re: #2 - uhm. yeah! those burgers are mighty tasty and i love that you can add vanilla or cherry flavor to your drinks!

re: #7 - i LURVE my new b&w cards! thank you thank you thank you thank you !

and finally ....

re: #9 - a self-healing mat? like if you cut it, it will grow back? like a lizard tail? wow! and 1/2 price to boot, i don't think you can beat that! what will they think of next?!

p.s. see you saturn-day!