Friday, June 20, 2008

Other People's Blogs

If you are like me, you have a few blogs that you frequent every day. Sometimes, it's just a glance into someone else's life - someone you've never met. Other times, it's a friend or acquaintance's blog. Maybe you've seriously looked for it, maybe you happened on it by accident. Sometimes it's a way to catch up, to continue a dialogue started a long time ago. For me, I like to read certain of my friendies's blogs to see what's cooking in their lives. Sometimes it's hard to get together even when you live in the same town! So here's a sampling of some of the blogs I read. You should check them out too!

  • Scriggle's Blog. I met my friend Debi Doodle at my last place of employment (thanks for RIF-ing me, Pier 1). Ever meet a kindred spirit? That's Debi. We are polar opposites on a lot of things, but totally think like one person on a lot of other stuff. What I love about Debi is that SHE GETS ME and my silly, juvenile humor. That's such a bonus. Also, neither one of us has kids, we both have husbands and all that entails, and we like animals (Debi is a cat person, but I don't hold that against her). Debi has knitted TWO pairs of socks (that I know of), yet has never knitted ME a pair. She has been known to knit in public, but has yet to be arrested.

  • Beauty From Ashes is Jennifer's blog. It took almost a year to really get to know Jennifer. We went to the same church before really, REALLY getting to know each other at a scrapbooking retreat. Then we talked all the time, scrapped a lot, and I watched her get pregnant with her FOURTH kid. Well, maybe I didn't WATCH her get pregnant - I was absent for the actual deed - but it was one of the few times I hung with a friend from pretty much conception to birth. Jennifer has four kids that are pretty smart, outspoken and fun to be around. Her boys are really into boobs tho. Jennifer doesn't blog a lot, and maybe this post will shame her into telling us a little more about her life, homeschooling all those kids and just what goes on inside her head.

  • God Writes a Lot of Comedy is Monica's blog. I got to know Monica through Jennifer when I had a little scrapping party at my house. Monica is a very funny Latina chicka who is going to be teaching some very lucky kids how to speak Spanish and write Haiku this fall. Monica is married to a librarian (!?!?) named Luther (HE CRACKS ME UP) and has a very fun kid named Danielito Enrique Escobar Francisco. Once, after a day of crafting at Monicas, Daniel told me that he "really, really loved me". What a sugar booger butter bean (I think it was the dog-shaped brads I gave him to play with) who makes my heart all melty. Anyhoo, Monica's blog is funny, heartwarming, angst-y and sweet - just like she is. All together now: Awwwwww!

  • Kareah's Cake Walk. I don't know Kareah all that well, but she has an infectiously happy spirit and is a totally sweet girl. She likes to go on mission trips to dig wells and snuggle babies, although she has yet to smuggle one home in her suitcase. Her smile lights up a room - literally.

  • Rian is Moody - and so am I! Rian is another girl I met through church a while ago. I have been following her struggle with infertility and miscarriage and finally her triumph - RIAN IS HAVING A BABY BOY!! Her posts are honest and real and full of heartache, pain and, not surprising if you know her, gratitude. She and Josh are going to make great parents.

  • My friend Donna is FragileMom. Mother to three kids with Fragile X Syndrome, she posts about the little triumphs and milestones of her beautiful babies. Donna and Jim are two of the finest people I know - both are very real, open and honest. They are managing the hand that they were dealt with grace.

  • Catching up with Wendy isn't easy because she wears Flying Shoes! Wendy and I got to know each other when we worked at Bombay. Wendy is a mystical, magical woman with wisdom to spare. She moved to Nebraska but I think is coming back to Texas. Maybe then we will actually get to have lunch, even though our fave mexican place just burned down. YIKES.

  • I read Becki's blog because she reminds me of me. Well, a younger, cooler version of me. I like her sense of humor - what what.

  • Larry Powell talks about dogs. And rescue. And those who know me, know that I'm nuts about dogs and totally involved in rescue. A former columnist with the Dallas Morning News, Larry spreads the word about what's happening in the rescue community, highlights special needs dogs, and exposes the general disregard for animals a lot of people have. And when he's done shaming the rats who injure animals, he'll temper his posts with stories of good Samaritans, miraculous recoveries and forgiveness.

  • Dooce. Who DOESN'T read Dooce?

  • PostSecret is a scary-fun-shameful-intriguing look at other people's secrets. Sent to Frank Warren on postcards, you'll see yourself in a lot of these. And guess what - you are totally NOT alone! Updated every Sunday, there's also a link to more postcards on their Facebook page.

  • I read The Pioneer Woman because she reminds me of me. Hey - cattle can be funny. Plus she cooks and is a source for great recipes like this one, which I have renamed Carl's Favorite Sandwich. Try it. Don't forget to invite me over. Seriously.
So, dear reader, this is a little insight into what the heck I read and follow. This list isn't all inclusive, of course, because I am currently unemployed and have a lot of time on my hands. Which means I read a LOT more blogs than this. It also means that I hardly ever get laundry done or supper on the table for the husband. Hey - you have to have priorities, ya know?


Wendy said...

No way! Burned down! That's just not right. Now I suppose it will be replaced with a Starbucks. Hey, I'm a Pioneer Woman addict too!

The Honorable Mrs. Cobbey said...

I'm so touched to have made it this far. First, I would like to thank God who created me to be so great. And then there's all the other great people around like my mom & my dad and my dog Auri. And who could forget the librarian hottie who is my husband and my little punker Daniel Enrique Cobbey Castillo Pulgarcito Enanito de la Concepcion entre Lutero y Moniquita. And last but not least, to my devoted and kindly friendy SUSAN LEAGUE, THE COOLEST CHICKA YOU COULD EVAH MEET!

The End.

The Honorable Mrs. Cobbey said...

I'm feeling all like self-conscious and stuff since I was so haughty so I take it back. I'm just slightly great.

P.S. Do you ever read

It's funny.

Hello...My name is Kareah... said...

Thanks for mentioning my little spot in the's a humble little place, but it's cozy...:0).

Love ya girl!