Thursday, June 26, 2008

Letting the sleeping dog lie

Millie Jean, our littlest pyr, is a world class sleeper. World class. If there were a gold medal given for puppy sleeping, she should win it hands down. Er, paws down.

Giving to the fact that she is, after all, only about four months old, Millie is a PLAYA. By that I mean she literally PLAYS all the time. And when she is NOT playing, she is sleeping. Hard sleeping. She lays down and she is totally out like the proverbial light.

And this dog loves to get comfortable. No, sleeping on the floor is NOT for her. There are cushy things called sofas, chairs and beds and only the best will do for this little princess. No blanket on the floor is good enough. No simple ortho pad in the crate will work. She must have comfort, and it's best if there are blankets and pillows involved for moving around to create a nest that is juuuuust right.

Just this afternoon, after about an hour of wrestling with Henry and Genie, 'swimming' in her paddling pool, and running up and down the stairs, Millie climbed on to the couch. Before I could say "who's your mama?" she was out like a light.

She is a hard sleeper, and she is also a SNORER. I thought Carl was a champion snorer until Millie came into our lives. She snores, she has her little puppy dreams where she runs, she tosses, she turns. She takes her sleeping very seriously.

When she wakes, she's like me. She absolutely CANNOT believe that her nap is over and she looks totally groggy and unprepared for the day (or the rest of her day).

Henry, bless his little gay pyr heart, is telling her that she has morning breath. Then, of course, she kisses him. ON THE PUPPY LIPS!!!

You know, in my next life, I think I want to come back as a totally spoiled dog - just like mine are. I think I deserve the life of Riley, whoever he is.


scriggle said...

I too would like to come back as a totally spoiled pet. Much like my 3 kitties. They sleep all day as well, Nova has been known to be left in one spot sleeping when I leave in the morning only to be found in the EXACT same spot when I get home hours later. Then there is the stretching and flopping over. Its a very hard life, but one I would happily take :)

Hello...My name is Kareah... said...

I just wrote a longer comment, but darn you stupid got erased.

so, here's the gist:

you're funny...