Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Death by Chocolate dream

I had the oddest dream this morning.

My friend Debi told me the other day that for lunch she had a Death by Chocolate sundae from a local custard (mustard) shop. Me, in my middle-age wisdom and knowledge, told her that you don't actually DIE from eating Death by Chocolate - just in case she was worrying about passing away at her desk or something.

Anyhoo, this morning I dreamed that anyone who ate the Death by Chocolate sundae from this particular custard (mustard) shop, actually DID die. Channel 5's Jane McGarry was reporting from the scene and there were all these people laying dead, but there were LOTS of smiles on their faces.

Jane was getting ready to sample Death by Chocolate and tempt fate when Henry leapt on top of me to wake me up.

I wonder if Jane will make the 6:00 o' clock news tonight...


Shamelessly Sassy said...

hahhaa. I have dreams like this all of the time. They often follow silly conversations.

scriggle said...

omg that is hilarious .... and i am not feeling very well right now ... i hope i don't die! maybe some more death by chocolate from curly's would make me feel better :)