Friday, August 1, 2008

Silly me... they're SIMILES not METAPHORS

I have been without a car now for almost two weeks. Actually it's only been 12 days (who's counting?) but it SEEMS like longer.

Anyhoo, in my intense boredom (there's only so much laundry one can do, and so much junk food one can eat and only so many channels one can surf), I decided to come up with a fun list of similes for being trapped. Hey, it beats cleaning the carpet.

Feel free to add to this list at any time.

  • Trapped like a rat in a maze.
  • Trapped like a fly in a jar (with no holes).
  • Trapped like bears in a pit.
  • Trapped like roaches in a MOTEL (get it?).
  • Trapped like a mouse under a bowl.
  • Trapped like dinner in a cannibal's cauldron.
  • Trapped like a cricket in a shoebox (with no holes).
  • Trapped like a fly between the screen door and the storm door.
  • Trapped like a medieval prisioner in an Iron Maiden. (ummm.... OUCH!)
  • Trapped like hairs in a drainpipe.
  • Trapped like a bear in ... well, a trap.
  • Trapped like a butterfly in a net.
  • Trapped like a rock between two hard places.
  • Trapped like a skinny dude between two fat people on an airplane.
  • Trapped like boobs in a brassiere.
  • Trapped like a fish in a net.
  • Trapped like a bird in a cage.
  • Trapped like that dude in "Groundhog's Day".
  • Trapped like an ant in a farm (break the glass! break the glass!).
  • Trapped like a lobster in a pot of boiling water (mmmm... them's good eats).

Well, I'm all tapped out, like a keg at a frat party.


Wendy said...

Trapped like a mouse on a glue pad...can you tell what I've been writing about at work?

Hello...My name is Kareah... said... never cease to amuse me with your wit.

My favorite: Trapped like a bear in ... well, a trap.

Here are a couple for you:
Trapped like Popes in a Volkswagen.
Trapped like peanut butter in a Reese's cup.
Trapped like a pea in a toddler's nose.