Friday, July 4, 2008

Fireworks and the passing of a good man...

The Fourth is almost over, thank goodness. The neighbors are shooting off fireworks and firecrackers and the dogs are going bananas. I tried to take Jude for a walk tonight and he heard one go off pretty close to us. I never saw him run home so fast - ever!

The fireworks are the hardest part about having dogs. I don't live in the world's best neighborhood, and there were a couple thrown right into my yard already - freaking out both ME and the little monkeys.

Oh well. Just a couple more hours and it will all be over...

The sad news is that my friend Luther's dad passed away on June 28th. Luther is married to Monica, and they have the squiddo, Danielito Pablo Escobar Enrique Jose. I only got to meet Max Cobbey once, but he made an impression on me even in that brief period. We were helping Luther clean and organize his li-berry at the elementary school and both his mom and dad were there. What struck me about his dad was his very cool hat and his handsome, sorta beatnik look. That and the fact that you could tell he adored his family. We chatted only a little, but he seemed wise, wonderful, sensitive, sensible and deliberate - the kind of a parent most kids wish they would have had.

He served in WW II, taught school and eventually went to the mission field. He is survived by his wife, five kids and (my count) four grandchildren.

Luther and Monica are on their way back from China as we speak for his memorial service on Wednesday. I think I will go.

Here are some very sweet posts written by Monica about her father-in-law. One is about a couple of reason's her FIL totally rocked . The other is about the loving consistency of the Cobbey men. Both are cool, insightful reads.

I know his family is devastated at his passing, but grateful that this man of faith is chatting it up with his Maker and Master right now. Godspeed, Mr. Cobbey.


The Honorable Mrs. Cobbey said...


I really appreciate your words. It really touched me to read what you had written about Luther's dad and, as like usual, your sense of humor is so therapeutic!


Jennifer said...

I read the links to Monica's blog and I find myself crying. Crying because he was a kind and thoughtful man. I'm tremendously jealous of the years she had him...we should all be as blessed in our father-in-laws.