Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fifteen Things For Today

Here's one of those totally random posts. I really like doing these things - just typing the first things that pop into my head.
  1. I think Kirkland brand toilet paper is the best there is on the market. Not too soft, and it's pretty strong. Check out the Poop Report (yes, it's real - click the link). Carl is a Charmin kinda guy - my least favorite kind. So I buy two brands to keep the peace.

  2. Looking for a job gives me a headache. I hope this headache ends soon.

  3. I got a really sweet call from my friend Lorrie today. Carl and I have been helping her get her life and house together. She told me she was looking in every room of her house and saw something from us and how greatful she was. I appreciate that - it's better than winning the lottery. We love Lorrie and are happy to help her. Plus we have so much, it's hard NOT to share it.

  4. Millie is trying her darndest to become the alpha female. I gotta whip this girlie girl into shape.

  5. The Furminator - the best product on the market for getting off your dog's undercoat. Expensive and worth every penny.

  6. We finally got some rain today. This afternoon, I stood outside on the deck and let it rain, rain, rain on me. It felt SO good!

  7. You know those potatoes you can find at the supermarket that are washed, wrapped and ready for microwaving? Those potatoes are pretty darn good - and dinner can be had for less than a dollar!

  8. Tomorrow I am making Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti for dinner. It's pretty much the only casserole Carl will eat too.

  9. I made the prettiest centerpiece with an $8 vase and some faux mondo grass I got at Big Lots for $2. I have gotten SO many compliments on it, it's weird that the whole thing cost me less than $10!

  10. I am freaking out about making the mortgage payment this month. Pray that something comes through for us!

  11. I am taking Genie to an adoption day this Saturday. I keep telling her that we are going to find her a new family, but Carl says she is staying here. She is awfully darn loveable and a real cutie - I think it's her eyes. One has black lashes, the other white. She is a beautiful Pyr.

  12. Dara Torres is a world record swimmer at age 41. She totally rocks!

  13. I really, really, REALLY need to mow the grass. I wish I could get motivated to do it, but it's too darn hot.

  14. My passport is expired.

  15. Scarlett O'Hara said, "Tomorrow is another day." I hope tomorrow brings something new, fresh and exciting for me. Maybe even a job!