Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I am NOT a Mommy-Blogger. I'm not even a MOMMY!

Mommy blogging is hot-hot-HOT! You've heard about them all, Dooce, Pioneer Woman, Amalah, Dad Gone Mad... blech, blech, BLECH! I'm not even going to link them here because sometimes (just sometimes) reading about other people's kids and all the cute little misadventures, bad words and goofy little things they do, get on my nerve.

You know I only have the one, right?

I've done some research and my blog doesn't fit into any of the mainstream blogging categories, which (in case you didn't know) are: Automotive, Business & Marketing, Entertainment, Graphic Arts, Green, Lifestyle, Mobile, News 2.0 (what the...), Parenting, Sports, Tech and Video Gaming.

My little home on the web doesn't fit into any of those particular categories very well, so I'm going to suggest a few of my own.

Dog Bloggers: Puppy parents (or kitty parents) blog about the day-to-day trials and triumphs of living with pets. You can have all the wailing puppy stories, the cat-ate-my-couch stories, tips on finding the right food, hairball relief, training a puppy to only poop in the neighbor's yard tips and so forth. THIS is a blog I would read.

Evil Step-Moms to 20-Something Kids: Another blog that is relevant to me. I have two stepkids - 28 and 26 - who STILL LIVE WITH THEIR MOTHER!!! No, I am not kidding. This irks me to no end, but then again, I was on my own at 17, married at 18 and divorced by 21. My step kids think I push them too hard to find jobs, get their own places, and have their own bank accounts. So does their mother. They're right - I AM evil!

Jobless and Maybe Soon-to-be Homeless: FABULOUS! I am right here, right now. I think this blog might be a little discouraging though. Just writing the title made me a little sad. Of course, if Federated Media decided this was a worthy category, it could wind up being a money-making deal. Then it wouldn't be so darn depressing.

Cooking from Cans: I noticed that there weren't any Food categories up there, yet there are a LOT of food blogs. I think some should be dedicated solely to the art of cooking from canned items. I've got some weird things in my cupboard that I have no idea what to do with - like Cream of Crab Leg Soup (now with MORE imitation crab legs!) and Jalapeno-Mint Jelly.

No Kids, No Way, No How: While I always thought I would have kids of my own, that wasn't the hand I was dealt. And I'm OK with that. But lets have some blogs dedicated to us - SINKs or DINKs or whatever they want to call us. They can focus on our obsessive needs to have clean hardwood floors, sparkling fixtures, and the latest and greatest gadgets in our homes, cars and on our persons. It could be the TOTALLY Selfish Blog! I like it. I should run with it (except that I am a member of the Jobless and Soon-To-Be-Homeless demographic).

All seriousness aside, you KNOW I love hearing about your kids, seeing their artwork and recounting their outstanding accomplishments on the soccer fields of America. I also like hearing about your cats, dogs and hamsters (SO sorry about Jello) their hairballs and seizures and potty problems. And I love to hear about your jobs too - especially if you JUST got a promotion and a GREAT BIG RAISE. Those make me feel all warm and gooey on the inside.

Hey - can anyone help me move a couple of bodies? :-D


Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

I'm a mom, but I'm not overly fond of the label "mommy blogger" nor do I want to list my blog in the parenting category because it's not all about that...

it's a life blog, about me... and sometimes it has to do with my kids and sometimes not...

now if only there was a category for insane ramblings, I'd be okay...

Rini said...

I wasn't totally sure before. But, I *think* I like you.