Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Poop Loops - RIF-ed Again.

So today I was RIF'ed (Reduction In Force for those out of the know) from Pier 1. Man, does that ever SUCK!

I'm sad. I really, really , really liked my job, liked 90% of the people - heck, I even liked my BOSS! How often does THAT happen!? Now they are left with two freelance (i.e., highly paid) copywriters on their staff. Weird that they would get rid of lowly ole me, but hey - I wasn't part of the stinking decision making process.

So, I cried for like three minutes (the Zoloft doesn't let me cry too much), and then I got over it. I suppose that this is just another one of those "things" or those "tests" that I have to go through. I wonder though, why God keeps picking ME.

I guess this will finally give me time to get the house cleaned, curtains made for the den and stuff like that.

I can look forward to $378 a week in unemployment benefits. Yeehaw.

Worst part is, the HR rep didn't allow anyone to say goodbye. Said it would be "too hard" on other employees. Heck - what about ME? How hard do they think this is going to be on ME???

I get to go back to the office on Saturday between 10:00 and 11:00 AM to clean out my office. They don't want others to see us. How thoughtful.

Poop loops.


scriggle said...

I think I cried more than you did! It is total BS. I talked to Alma this morning and she is so sad, she said that you always made her day and that she is going to miss you!

At least you will be able to play scrabulous a lot more, and maybe you should join up on packrat and have some fun with us there :)

We will have to meet up to play Qwirkle. I am going to practice on Tiffany and then I will come and beat you silly! Although right now I can't really bring myself to eat down in the cafeteria without you. So maybe next week.

Alright, I'll stop rambling on your blog now. TTYL.