Friday, December 21, 2007

"So I says to her, Lynne, I says..."

Have you ever wondered what happened to some of the people you grew up with? You know, those people who totally meant a lot to you in high school or college or something?

Let me tell you about one of my friends. Her name is Lynne.

Ever since I "got my Jesus back", I have been having some interesting dreams. I dreamed one of my friends was pregnant, and she turned out to be. Cool. I dreamed about my old friend Lynne, whom I haven't seen in 25 years - that's 25 - probably before some of you were born. Anybutt, I had this dream about Lynne and the dream was basically that she was in some trouble and she needed to leave the place she was in, but the message she was saying was "but my whole life is here."

Like I said, it's been 25 years since we've seen each other. Oh, we talked back in the late 80's when I was totally on fire for Christ. At that time, Lynne was into some Wiccan practices and was technically a witch. Anyhoo, I was praying and thinking about HOW in the world I could get in touch with her. She had no listed phone number and had long since moved from the address I had for her. So I looked on - nothing. Finally, I did a search for some common acquaintances and found one. Terri is a Wiccan priestess, but she had Lynne's email address (or an old one). She gave it to me and I sent Lynne an email.

I was totally SHOCKED by two things - first that the email address was a good one, and second. to learn that Lynne was homeless. By homeless, I mean living in a shelter, losing all your money and your job and your home and your car kind of homeless. And it had happened to her in just the past month.

WOW, was pretty much all I could think of. We fell into an email correspondence (the homeless in Michigan hang out at the library too - it must be some kind of law) and she told me that she GOT SAVED and was a believer now. She repented to me of not listening to the message when it was offered a long time ago, but I knew that when God plants seeds, they find a way to get watered and grow. He's very cool like that.

Anyway, it's very cool what God does when you are truly at the end of your rope and there is nowhere left to turn. It's interesting, how when I told Lynne about the dream I had about her, and that I thought she needed to leave Michigan, the thing she said to me was "but my whole life is here."

Now we know that her life is in Christ now, praise God. Sometimes we become so attached to our things, that we forget that Big G has already taken care of all our needs.

Now Lynne has next to nothing and I have an extra bedroom. And now we are getting somewhere. (That's a whole lot of nows and I apologize blog reader. Would you believe I am PAID to write in my real life?)

:::::to be continued:::::